How to Take a Screenshot on a Windows and Mac Computer: Step-by-Step

Select Landscape from the Display orientation menu. try this Qualcomm Atheros QCA9377 Wireless Network Adapter driver Creating a mapped network drive allows you to quickly access files and folders on a shared network as if they were on your local machine. Fortunately, Windows 10 lets you map network drives in just a few simple steps. I don’t really think I am using the root user.

  • This will then open up a square space which appears similar to Paint, but with your exclusive screenshot instead.
  • If you accidentally select a different drive, that data may be irreparably lost, or hard to recover.
  • Game Bar will always remember your preferences.

If Windows 10 was already activated after the installation, reactivation would happen automatically. Insert the Windows 10 installation USB into your new computer and switch it on. If your computer doesn’t directly boot to the USB drive, you’ll need to modify the boot order in the UEFI/ BIOS settings. To enter these settings, you’ll need to press the manufacturer key right after booting the system.

Access shared files and directories on a local network

Look for SnippingTool.exe, right-click on it and select Create Shortcut. You can place this shortcut somewhere hidden, in your Documents or Downloads folder. Then right-click on this shortcut and select Properties.

Select Display and pick the display orientation that you need. You may have accidentally pressed a key combination on your keyboard, causing your computer screen to appear flipped. Hold down and press the Ctrl + Alt + Right arrow.

Although a local drive, network drive, and mapped drive are all considered drives, they each have unique differences. I’m trying to retrieve files from a network drive and need to supply user credentials to access the drive. To map a network drive with alternate credentials, open a command prompt or PowerShell console as an administrator. Creating new connections is one of the most common reasons to use the net use command. This command allows you to connect to remote file shares to copy files to, remove from, etc just like if the folder you’re connecting to was local.

How to Take a Screenshot on Windows

See our Windows 8 installation guide for help if you like to follow along with screenshots. It works very similarly to installing Windows 10. Generally accessing a computer’s BIOS or UEFI involves holding a specific key during the boot process, often Escape, F1, F2, F12, or Delete. So, figure out which key your computer uses, then shut it down.

Please use the server paths below as a reference for connecting your Linux machine to your desired network folder. Your supervisor can email to request access to departmental shared folders on your behalf. Select the “Deny” check box next to each of the permission settings in the “Permissions” section of the dialog box for each permission type you don’t want users to have. Click the “Advanced Sharing” button in the “Sharing” tab and confirm the operation, if prompted. Click the “Permissions” button in the “Settings” section of the dialog box.

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