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Converting from quickbooks desktop to online
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Don’t see the option to export? Update your QuickBooks Desktop. Here’s how:. Start QuickBooks again and finish installing the updates when prompted. These updates may take 15 minutes or more to install, depending on when QuickBooks was last updated. Important: If the updates are not downloaded and installed completely, the export company link may not appear. If you’re unable to complete the updates, here are the steps to fixing QuickBooks Desktop update errors.

If you are, we do not recommend moving your data from QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise to QuickBooks Online, because data loss is likely to occur. QuickBooks emails you when your QuickBooks Online company is ready, but this could take several hours for a large file.

Once you receive an email similar to the one below, click on the Complete your setup button to log in to QuickBooks Online and review your data:. Tip: Exporting lists from Desktop and importing them into Online is only necessary if you were unable to convert your Desktop file using the seven steps above. For instance, this may happen if you have over , targets or your desktop file is corrupt.

An alternative to converting your Desktop file to an Online company is to export important lists from your QuickBooks Desktop company and import them into your QuickBooks Online company. This will transfer your chart of accounts, customers, vendors, products, and services. First, export the lists from Desktop as an Excel spreadsheet. Second, import the Excel spreadsheet into your QuickBooks Online company. By exporting the following lists from QuickBooks Desktop to Excel, you can save hours of data entry in your new QuickBooks Online company:.

Tip: When importing Excel workbooks, QuickBooks Online only imports the first worksheet within a workbook. After exporting Excel workbooks from QuickBooks Desktop, be sure your data is in the first worksheet, or tab, at the bottom of the Excel screen.

First Excel worksheet will import into QuickBooks Online. Navigate to your chart of accounts by clicking on Company from the top menu bar and then selecting Chart of Accounts:. Display a list of your accounts by clicking on Reports at the bottom of the screen and selecting Account Listing :. Export the Account Listing report as an Excel spreadsheet by selecting Excel , then Create New Worksheet , and following the prompts to save the worksheet to your computer:.

Make a note of where you saved the spreadsheet so you can import it into QuickBooks Online later. Navigate to the Customer Center by selecting Customers from the top menu bar and then clicking on Customer Center :.

Follow the prompts to save the new worksheet on your computer so you can import it into your QuickBooks Online company later. Navigate to the Vendor Center by clicking on Vendors in the top menu bar and selecting Vendor Center :. Follow the on-screen prompts to save the worksheet so you can import it into QuickBooks Online Later.

Go to the Item List screen by selecting Customers from the top menu bar and then clicking on Item List :. You can keep the Desktop version automatically updated or update it manually at least once a month. Here are small guides to do it:. To avoid this, it is important that you check the size of the file before starting the conversion process. For a successful conversion, the QB Desktop file must have targets less than , To check the number of targets:.

If it is more than ,, you will be first required to condense the file. Here are the steps you need to follow for this:. The file would be condensed. Please note that the steps may differ depending on which version of Desktop are you using. You can reduce the time of conversion from QuickBooks Desktop to QBO if you know the exact steps that must be followed for the process. Completely stuck? QuickBooksHelp Intuit. Decide whether you should migrate to QuickBooks Online QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop are both powerful tools, but there are some things to consider to help you determine if your company is a good candidate for migration.

Prepare for migration There are a few steps to take before you start the conversion process to ensure your information migrates properly. Go to the File menu and select Create Backup Then select Local backup. In the window, select Local Backup and then Next. In the Local Backup Only section, select Browse , then select where you want to save your backup company file. Set the number of backups you want to keep – this is optional.

A test runs to ensure your backup file is correct before you save. If you encounter any issues, see our Troubleshooting section. Select Save it now and Next. A confirmation message displays when the backup completes. Select Update Now. Select Get Updates , then Close. Select File , then Exit. Restart QuickBooks Desktop.

If you have payroll, run it now. Select Sales Tax Liability. From the Dates dropdown, select All. Choose the folder you want to save it in, name the file, and select Save. Export your reports and lists Note: Exporting your reports and lists is optional, and generally only needs to be done if your company has in excess of , targets. Otherwise, you can skip to Create a QuickBooks Online account.

Find and open any report. Select the desired date range from the Dates dropdown menu. Select Excel on the toolbar. From the Excel dropdown, select Create New Worksheet to create a new Excel workbook or to update an existing workbook with the data in the open report, select Update Existing Worksheet. Select Export and locate the workbook on your computer. If you want to format the data a specific way, select Advanced – this is optional. The first thing to do is verify data.

Once you are done rebuilding the data, verify it again to see if the issue is resolved or not. If the problem persists, seek help from QuickBooks support.

In your QuickBooks desktop version, create a copy of your company file which is also compatible with QuickBooks Online.



Converting from quickbooks desktop to online. How To Convert QuickBooks Desktop to Online in 7 Steps

AdSage data conversions to QuickBooks efficiently, zero downtime, at competitive rates. We can help your business move to any leading accounting software. Convert Sage data. Update your copy of QuickBooks Desktop to the latest version by clicking Help and selecting . 7/19/ · Look at Total Targets. Press F2 to bring up Product Information. Check the Total .


Converting from quickbooks desktop to online.Learn about converting from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online

Sign in as an admin to the company file you need to import. · Go to Company, then select Export Company File to QuickBooks Online. · Select Start your export. In QuickBooks Desktop, log in as an admin to the company file you need to import. Go to the Company menu, then select Export Company File to QuickBooks Online.

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